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This table shows the percentage of women in tertiary education in selected countries from 1998 to 2005 :


Bar Chart


Observing trends in a table is not as easy as it is when you examine a graph, so you need to look carefully. The most striking thing to notice is that in all countries except Japan women made up significantly more than half of the student population in tertiary education.

In general, the trend was for an increasing percentage of women in tertiary education. The only exception to this was Bulgaria where the trend is in reverse: in 1998, 60.9% of the tertiary student population was made up of women, whereas by 2005 this figure had fallen to 52.1%.

The country with the highest percentage of women in tertiary education was Iceland and this was also the country with the largest increase, rising from from 60% to 64.9%.

The largest percentage change was that of Bulgaria, from 60.9% to 52.1%, a 14.4% drop.

The lowest rise was in Finland, where, although the percentage fluctuated over the period in question, the percentage rose from 53.5 to 53.6.

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